FUNKY STAYING "Hyakudan-Kaidan at Meguro Gajoen"

You can only visit here when exhibitions are been held and it’s open to the public.It is a wooden structure built in 1935. Welcome to ultra gorgeous Japanese style rooms!


At Hyakudan-kaidan, there are 99 steps of zelkova tree and 7 Japanese-style rooms which were formerly wedding banquet rooms. Now it is a tangible cultural asset in Japan.
In 1928, Mr. Rikizou Hosokawa founded Meguro Gajoen, which was the first total wedding place in Japan. It meant that people could have wedding ceremony, wedding banquet, dresses for rent, make-up and photo shoots, etc. here.

Now Hyakudan-kaidan is preserved only as a wooden structure at Meguro Gajoen. Meguro Gajoen says that it has the Momoyama period taste, Nikko-Toshogu taste, and it comes under the Edo period culture. Yes, maybe they are right.

Kill Bill

But I can explain more simply, in short, “Kill Bill” world is here! Because it is ultra gorgeous, funky, and it may make us feel / imagine some deep stories about the 7 rooms. At the first entrance of Hyakudan-kaidan is a very gorgeous elevator, which the inside is fully covered with Japanese traditional craftwork. It is the shell work with black japan (Japanese lacquer), the guide told me the theme is fortune and great power. At the second entrance, you need to take off your shoes and put them into the prepared plastic bag. While you are visiting here, you must always carry them. Then you can directly feel the touch of wooden steps and Tatami mat by your soles. It is maybe soft and a little humid.

KILL BILL restroom
KILL BILL restroom
KILL BILL restroom

Each of the 7 rooms has its own interior decoration faces. There are many Japanese paintings by very famous painters, sculptures, relief pictures and Japanese traditional craftworks by first-class craftsmen on the walls, ceilings, pillars, fixtures, and built-in furniture. Anyway, Hyakudan-kaidan means 100 steps, however there are only 99 steps here in fact. Wow! The reason is maybe many Japanese people think “9” is an unlucky number…Why didn’t Mr.Hosokawa simply ask the carpenter to make100 steps? Is there a mysterious story behind it?

Well, I’ve found out by accident, a place like Hyakudan-kaidan at the first floor of a new building in Meguro Gajoen! It is fully covered with many pictures and craftwork too. Moreover there is a small red bridge and a very small artificial streamlet. It is a bathroom. I think here is VERY “Kill Bill” taste! Must go!

Panorama pictures of 3 rooms of Hyakudan-Kaidan:
(Click on the picture of the Japanese word "フォトパノラマ” !)

Sae Madumarala


  • Phone: 03-5434-3140(sales d. /10:00~18:00)
    Location: 1-8-1Shimo-meguro,Meguro-ku,Tokyo / 3min.walk from Meguro Sta.(West Exit)
    Open: 10:00~18:00(only period of the exhibition)
    Admission fee: \1500(Primary school students and under are free)
    Advance sale at JTB travel agency: \1200