FUNKY STAYING "The Daimyo Clock Museum in Yanaka"

The Daimyo clocks were used during the Edo period. These are not 24 hours time system! The Daimyo clocks make us consider that it was closer to nature.

Daimyo Clock Museum
The Daimyo clocks
The Daimyo clocks

In the Ed period in Japan, “non-standard time system” was used. It is that daytime and nighttime were each divided into 6 equal “hours”. Because the time of dawn and dusk vary with the seasons, also depend on geographical location. Daytime and nighttime length are equal only during the equinoxes.
Daimyo clocks were originally made for the solo use of Daimyo Lords. The clock engineers belonged exclusively to each Daimyo. As you know Daimyo are the highest rank people on its society. Then it seems Daimyo clocks expression of the feudal lord’s power and the elegant tastes.

My first visiting here on a very hot day. I missed my turn because of the small signboard. I found it near Miura Zaka St. at last, and turned into a narrow street. The museum gates were nearby, and a wonderful atmosphere with many woods waited me! While I was walking to the museum building, I was very happy to feel like the time travel to about 100 year ago!
The museum entrance likes a very old elementary school, also inside. The explanation on each Daimyo clock is very interesting. (It seems handwritten!)
The English-language guidebook is on sale at the ticket counter. Must buy it! It is a totally 11 pages, and its price is ¥100, however contents are wide and deep, the essay is with much passion.
The various Daimyo clocks and the old Japanese clocks make me think about “What is the time?” “How is the life with nature more & more?” etc also “The collector Guro Kamiguchi’s passion is great!” Well sofas of inside are very useful, but I need a cup of espresso coffee with a chocolate cake, or a bottle of beer with a side dish, for my more comfortable time!!
Sae Madumarala


  • Phone:03-3821-6913
  • Location:2-1-27 Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo (10min.walk from Nezu Sta.) >>map
  • Open:10:00-16:00/closed on Mon. ,Jul.1-Sep.30, Dec.25-Jan.14
  • Admission fee: adult¥300


 門の前から古い洋館を見ると、まるで大林宣彦の映画『ハウス』の中に迷い込んだような不思議な幸せ感に。この映画を知らなくても、ここに行けばその魅力が分かるはず! 博物館の入口でスリッパに履き替えていよいよワンダーランドな館内へ!