FUNKY STAYING 01 "the Hozuki Ichi"


Why one visit has the same value as 46,000 days?!

If you come to Hozuki market and worship at the Sensoji Temple on July 9th  or 10th , you can get answers in great quantities to a single prayer. It has been said since the Edo period that a single prayer would last 46,000days. And hozuki was like a popular medicine in those days. Nowadays it is not as popular as means of medicine or edible either.
At first it was only on July 10th. But large crowds gathered here on July 9th , because many people wanted to be the 1st person to arrive passionately. After that, both days are called “Shi-man Roku-sen Nichi”, which means 46,000days. Why 46,000days? There are some traditions that even people of Sensoji Temple can’t answer.

OK, speaking of a hozuki market, about 200 of hozuki’s street stalls are put up on these days. And some stalls include traditional Japanese festival food, confectioneries and games. It opens about 10:00-22:00.
At each stall Hozuki is sold in a pod or without a pod and the price is the same regardless of its size/amount. In fact I wonder how people decide to buy just one and at which stall?  As for the price—This incident is closely connected with Sensoji Temple it is the oldest in Tokyo, it is to have been built in 628? One of the teachings of  Buddhism? Anyway enjoy hozuki-shopping here and take it easy!

In your country is there hozuki? And have you made a flute from fruit with it? Some Japanese make simple flutes from fruit. Before I did try to make one   many times but it was difficult for me to pull out a seed from a small hole without peeling or ripping it. (A ripped peel cannot sound.) OK, you can do it! Next, you need wash it carefully, put it in your mouth, and sound at last! If washing is not enough the flute tastes very bitter. But don’t worry about it because it is like medicine of the Edo period!                                   
If you are staying in Tokyo on July 9th or 10th, must go to Sensoji Temple. To experience 46,000 days!!
Sae Madumarala


  • Event:July 9-10 every year, 10:00-22:00 (about)
  • Location:2-3-1 Asakusa,Taito-ku,Tokyo  >>map
    (5min.walk from Asakusa sta.“Kaminarimon” the Grand Gate is very near Asakusa sta.)
  • Phone:03-3842-0181