11. KINKO TO KAGI NO HAKUBUTSU-KAN/Small museum of safe & key

A former safe shop, the founder’s worldwide collection of safes and keys are displayed. There are some keys from the Edo period, and the Kamakura period (1192-1333), which were all handmade with terrific techniques. Also there is a safe of the old Japanese army that they kept secret papers in, which was made around 1937, the only one in the world now!
You need a reservation, and you can hear a nice explanation by the founder’s grandchild Mr. Sugiyama for about 30 minutes. When Tamaki and I visited, we had some questions and asked if we could see some more keys and safes. He spent about 1 hour in total with us. Tamaki and I had very good time! We recommend visiting here and meeting him very much.


・Phone: 03-3633-9151
・Location: 3-4-1Chitose, Sugiyama Kinko-ten, Sumida-ku, Tokyo (3min walk from Toei-line Sta.)
・Open: 10:00-17:00(1st &3rd Sat. & Sun. only)/Closed in Aug.



江戸時代の千両箱や因幡錠や土佐錠、鎌倉時代の海老錠などを展示。世界に1台しかない幻の金庫「機密金庫」も。これは、昭和12年頃に旧日本陸軍が暗号表を保管するために作ったもの。他に英、米、仏製の大型金庫や、古代エジプトの模造錠など、個人の貴重なコレクションが並ぶ! 杉山泰史さんの分かりやすくて楽しい説明はクセになります!(要予約)