10. DEWANOUMI BEYA/Open training in Sumo public

Professional Sumo wrestlers generally live together in a big house of their master “Oyakata”. Each house has its own traditional & historical own name, “×××Beya”. And some of them, like Dewanoumi Beya open their training to the public. Open from 6:00 to 10:00, we recommend you arrive before 9:30 most lately. Need reservation, and a Japanese leader.
During visit, the following three things are not allowed.
1) Don’t point your feet at the Sumo wrestlers. 2) Don’t talk in a loud voice. 3) Don’t use a flash camera.


・Reservation: 03-3632-4920 (Call in morning)
・Location: 2-3-15 Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo




朝稽古見学OKの相撲部屋。間近にお相撲さんを見られる絶好の機会! 但し、写真撮影はフラッシュ厳禁です。親切な予約担当者のいる午前中に電話を。