8. EKO-IN Temple/Birthplace of the fund raising Sumo tournament

It was built in 1657 for holding a memorial service for the victims of a big fire. And it is the cradle of professional Sumo tournament for donation. Currently, the main building material is concrete with not so good atmosphere, but there are many historic spots and memorial gravestones. One of the most special gravestones is for the most famous heroic thief “Nezumi-kozo-Jirokichi” in the Edo period. It is said that he stole money from rich people only, and gave away the money to poor people. Because of this, there is a tradition of many people wishing to give luck about gamble by having the piece of his gravestone. If you see somebody shave his gravestone and take off the powder of it, don’t be greatly shocked!


・Location: 2-8-10Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
・Open: always


明和3年(1657)大火の犠牲者を供養するために建てられた。勧進相撲発祥の地で、歴代年寄慰霊のための「力塚」がある。江戸時代の劇作家・岩瀬京伝や、大泥棒・鼠小僧次郎吉の墓も! 猫や犬など、いろいろな動物の形をした供養塔もある。