6. CHANKO DINNING AMI/Chanko-nabe restaurant

Chanko-nabe is Japanese pot-au-feu for Sumo wrestlers, made by Sumo wrestlers.
After they retire, some of them start Chanko-nabe restaurant business. Usually Chanko-nabe is an expensive dinner, but we can have good taste one cheaply here during lunch hour! There are some kinds Chanko with rice and second dishes. At first choose which soup of Chanko, Soy sauce or Soybean paste taste.
Open the door, take off your shoes, and put them in the shoe lockers. While you enjoy lunch, never lose your locker key!


・Phone: 03-5669-1570
・Location: 3-26-6 Ryogoku, Shinwa bldg.2F, Sumida-ku,Tokyo (Diagonal front of Ryogoku Sta. East Exit)
・Open:11:00-26:00/without holidays