7. MATSUMURA/Inari-zushi shop

Inari-zushi is made of sushi rice put into boiled “abura-age” (fried sliced Tofu) with special soy sauce. Each shop has its own secret sauce and technique.
At Matsumura, taste of the rice varies with summer season and winter season quite uniquely.
Anyway I am an inari-zushi lover, and I really recommend this Matsumura’s, because of the exquisite good tasting sauce!


・Phone: 03-3612-5045
・Location: 1-15-15 Higashi-mukojima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo (on Jizozaka-dori St.)
・Open: 7:00-19:00/closed on Tue.
・Price:¥105/take out only


夏は白米で仕上げにケシの実、冬は混ぜご飯で作る稲荷寿司は1個105円。10年以上の修行後、昭和43年に台東区清川の本店より暖簾分け。味わい深い絶妙な甘辛の油揚げは職人技! この味はハマります! 巻き寿司や助六などの詰め合わせもある。テイクアウトのみ。