3. OHTORI-HYAKKATEN/Daily necessities, Carpenter’s tools, Stationery, etc.

Established in 1889, “Hyakkaten” means a “department store” in Japan. There was a market like this in each town until about the 1960s in Tokyo. Over 20,000 items are on sale here.
Including some dead stocks of 1960s, for example a Japanese tobacco’s pipe “kiseru” and Japanese body warmer by a small coal “mametan- anka”, etc.
You can find a piece of real daily life in Japan!


・Phone: 03-3610-0051
・Location: 2-10-17 Sumida, Sumida-ku, Tokyo (Front of Kanegafuchi Sta.)
・Open: 8:30-about 19:50/closed on Sun.


明治22年(1889)創業の日用雑貨、大工用品、文房具、肌着、婦人用バッグなど、品数2万点以上。創業以来、「困った時の大鳥さん」と愛されてきた。昭和30年代の「キセル」や、かつてのヒット商品「豆炭あんか」など、今では殆ど売れなくなったモノも並んでいる。思わぬ掘り出し物が見つかるかも! 明治初期にお店で使われていた「大八車」は非売品。