/Historic spot, school was made in the Edo period

I wonder why this seems familiar, but this is my first visit. I am sure immediately this is not deja-vu, I have seen a place like this on an old Kung-fu movie of Jackie Chan! The key is Confucianism.
Tokugawa 5th Shogun Ietsuna ordered construction of the Yushima-Seido temple and dedicated this to Confucius with the promotion of Confucianism here in the Edo period in 1690. He also commanded to move the private school of the Hayashi family from Ueno to this place. The holy house was dedicated to Confucius in Hayashi’s garden. These are the origins of the Yushima-Seidoh temple.
In 1797 this school was under the direct supervision of the government of the Edo-shogun. It became known as a world famous school named ‘Shouhei-ko” until the early of the Meiji period 1871. The reason for closing was the change of education system by new government.

After that, almost all of Yushima-seido temple was destroyed by fire of the great earthquake that hit the Tokyo area in 1923. But one of the gates “Nyutoku-mon” and the washing place of tea goods for Japanese tea ceremony, “Mizuya” were not destroyed, and still remain today. Other buildings were re-constructed using concrete in 1935, and were repaired in 1986.


・Phone: 03-3251-4606
・Location: 1-4-25 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (5 min. walk from Ocha-nomizu Sta., 7 min. walk from Akihabara Sta.)
・Open: 9:30-17:00 (Winter season 9:30-16:00)/Closed13-17 Aug & 29-31 Dec.