13.NEKO JALALA AKIHABARA/Special coffee shop ”Neko-café”

Cat lovers are the customers of “Neko-café” .They come to stroke the beautiful cats, and watch them while having a drink. Need to reserve because the maximum number is 8 persons at a time with 15 cats waiting for you. Reservation on the day is available. For details about arrangements, see the web site.
Anyway this was my first visit to “Neko-café”. I am a cat lover and I really had a very nice time, about 30 min. here. I thought only about the cats while visiting, and afterwards, I felt refreshed! “Neko-café” is a great idea for people who can’t keep cats of their own. I will visit to “Neko-café” again until I can get my own cat!


・Phone: 03-3258-2525
・Location: 3-5-5-1F, Suehiro-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (8min. walk form Akihabara Sta.)
・Open: 11:00-20:00/open all year
・Admission fee: Weekdays ¥530 (up to first 30 min.) ¥160 (Afterwards, every 10min.)
Sat. & Sun. & Holidays ¥530 each 30 min
・Need to buy 1 drink: ¥320〜, second helping 50% discount.

「ねこ・JaLaLa 秋葉原店」/猫カフェ

定員8名で猫15匹以上!! いろいろな猫に接することができて満足度が高く、「一人での来店客も多い」に納得。 お客さん同士はひとことふたこと言葉を交わす程度で、みんな猫とまったり過ごしている。当日の電話予約OKは良心的。
システムは、予約時間に来店し、(1)入口で靴を脱ぐ (2)説明を聞く (3)棚に荷物を置く (4)カウンターでドリンク注文 (5)手を洗ってから手の消毒 (6)好きなところに座る (7)終了時間の少し前に延長するかどうかの確認、という流れになっています。