12.AKIHABARA GACHA-PON-KAIKAN/Figures shop by ”Gacha-gacha” machine

This is a figurine shop but no shop persons here. You buy a figurine from the machine called Gacha-gacha. There are about 430 “Gacha-gacha” machines here!
Each “Gacha-gacha” has about 4〜8 kinds of figurines available, but you won’t know what you will get until you put in the coin(about¥100〜¥300) and dial of the machine. Actually, “Gacha-gacha” is a kind of game. It originally came from USA and improved in Japan. Yes, your figure comes in a plastic case. If you don’t need the plastic case, leave it in the case box. This is Akihabara! Try once, you maybe get caught up in the charm of Japanese “Gacha-gacha”!


・Phone: 03-5209-6020
・Location: 3-15-5, MN bldg.1F, Soto-kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
・Open: 11:00-20:00 (Fri. Sat. & day before a holiday 11:00 - 22:00/Sun. & Holidays 11:00-19:00) /open all year


(ガチャガチャについては近々、FUNKY STAYINGで詳しく紹介する予定です。)