7. KAIYO-DO HOBBY LOBBY TOKYO/Figure shop(like a museum!)

Kaiyodo is the most famous figure company In Japan for its elaborate and exquisite techniques. This is the only shop in Japan which is directly operated by Kaiyodo. Many amazing figures are on display like a museum.

Of course you can buy figurines, Anime-character’s goods and plastic models. If you want to buy a figure at the “Gacha-gacha” machine and don’t have coins, ask the shop person to change a ¥1,000 bill into ¥100 coins. , it’s no problem. A very kind shop person will always welcome you! (About “Gacha-gacha”, see “Gacha-Pon-Kaikan” on this course.→)


・Phone: 03-3253-1951
・Location: 1-15-4 Radio-Kaikan-Ichigokan bldg. 7F, Soto-kanda, Tokyo
・Open:11:00-20:00/Closed on Wed.