If you've long wanted ultra cool print design cycling wear, you must come to "Pandani" in Harajuku, Tokyo!!


pand03.jpg Clothing is not just a material for me. I love to think what I put on every day, choosing a perfect match for my feeling on the day. I am what I put on. I mean what I put on is a matter of life or death!
Do you agree with me? And if you want a cool designed cycling wear and goods, "Pandani" is one of the best design companies of cycling apparel in Japan for you!

Look at "Pandani" cycling wear, which is ultra cool in print design with passionate super techniques! This is the ultimate SAMURAI cycling wear! Each designed wear has its own story and some joke, which a bike lover's will enjoy! Needless to say, it is functional for comfortable cycling. It is also reasonable to purchase. That is why "Pandani" staff member design, produce and manage products all by themselves. Moreover they do NOT mass-produce and are bike lovers!

Anyway, I wonder if "Pandani" wear are very useful on the trip. The good function for a cycling is good for a trip too. It means "Pandani" wear always make you feel comfortable! It is a real design, isn't it?

In fact Tamaki loves the backpack, and I love the light blue colored half pants! You are sure to find something cool for yourself, your family or your friends at "Pandani" in Harajuku. You will need time here, because of the many cool cycling wear and goods!! Also maybe you need time to hear the story something about wear that you will get to love.

★About the shop in Harajuku:
★Web shop:

This is the prompt report of JIYUGAOKA KUMANO SHRINE FESTIVAL.
It will be held in September 5 (Sat.) 2015 

A portable shrine "Mikoshi" is carried by Japanese people in a summer festival and a autumn festival. But Jiyugaoka Kumano Shrine has arranged Mikoshi carrying for foreign visitor in September 5! 
It is very rare in Japan as you know. They get it for international goodwill. Then the fee is free! Moreover they get a special cloth for Mikoshi carrying, and after the carrying Mikoshi, they'll get a BBQ party for a carrier!

Anyway the fixed number is 50, which is the first 50 people on the application.
If you have not Japanese nationality, and you speak Japanese or English or French or Chinese, and you are 14 years old and over...apply soon by fax!

If your application is over 50th, why don't you go this festival? Because Jiyugaoka is a nice small shopping town, and Kumano Shrine is a nice place. You maybe have a very good time!                                                                                                       (Sae)

★September 5 (Sat.) 15:00-20:30
Meeting place: The parking lot of Mizuho bank Jiyugaoka branch
(2min.walk from Tokyu-Toyoko line Jiyugaoka Sta.)
★Phone: Jiyugaoka Information Center 03-5731-7274 (10:30-18:30)
☆Send the application form by fax:3717-4549 (from Tokyo), 03-3717-4549

★In the detail & the application form in English:

☆A beautiful picture of this festival & the application form in French, Chinese, and Japanese:

★About Jiyugaoka town:

July 22(Wed.)2015-September 13(Sun.)2015

Closed on Mon.

(However, Aug.11 & 21 opens until 19:00)

The basement 2 gallery in Tokyo University  of  the Art  TOKYO GEIJUTU DAIGAKU ART MUSEUM

The painting of a Japanese ghost is named "Yurei-ga".
This exhibitions' main paintings from Sanyutei Encho's Yurei-ga collection. Encho is the most famous professional storyteller in Japan which was born in the Edo era, especially Japanese ghost story field. In this exhibition you can enjoy various kinds of Japanese ghosts on a very famous Ukiyow and a great master's Japanese painting.

Anyway in Japan, there is the traditional culture in summer which is people enjoy ghost story. It has been said that people become feeling a cold by it.
When Encho was still in alive and well, people enjoyed his ghost storytelling and Kabuki performance based his ghost story. 
The Kabuki titled "Botan dourou" has been one of the most famous Kabuki performance ever now. I've gone to see the play a few times. Also I saw the movie "Botan dourou" on TV many times. I was not so scared in the fact, I felt it's a sad story. Some Ukiyoe of Kabuki "Botan dourou" are on display at the gallery. 

On heat day in Tokyo's summer, why don't you enjoy "Yurei-ga"?  
I think Yureiga is absolutely not scarier than the movie "Ring" and "Juon", don't worry! (Sae)

★Location:12-8Ueno-koen,Taito-ku,Tokyo (10min.walk from JR line Ueno Sta. Exit To Ueno-Park /Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line Nezu Sta. Exit1)
Entrance fee:Adult 1100JPY/ High school student & Collage student 700JPY
About the group reduction, and the discount thicket for a pair:


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On Yonman-rokusennichi (Day of 46,000 Blessings) on July 9 and 10, 450 stalls selling Hozuki or Chinese lantern plants and 350 stalls selling other items set up shop in the precincts of Sensoji Temple and the lively cries of vendors fill the night air.
>see more(link to funky staying)

▼the Hozuki Ichi
Event:July 9-10 every year, 10:00-22:00 (about)
Location:2-3-1 Asakusa,Taito-ku,Tokyo
(5min.walk from Asakusa sta."Kaminarimon" the Grand Gate is very near Asakusa sta.) Phone:03-3842-0181



スキャン 1.jpeg

"Tokyo Tower the Milky Way Illumination 2015" has already begun on 1st day in June! It is until 31st day in Aug. Also an out door bar has opened at the front of Tokyo Tower. You can enjoy the bar to 29th day in Sep.
If you are Japanese Manga "One piece" lover, an in door amusement park "TOKYO ONE PIEACE TOWER" has opened at the building named "FOOT TOWN" under the tower too.

Anyway have you visited at Tokyo Tower already?
There is a two-story observatory, and the nice coffee shop at the first floor. I'd love to visit at the coffee shop and watching the sky's color is changing from evening glow to deep blue. And I enjoy the night view at last. It's a very easy and comfortable time for me.

Of course I always take an elevator up to the first floor of the observatory. The ticket is 900JPY. But if you go up the stairs, you pay 500JPY only. How feel go up the stairs with a beautiful illumination? 
After enjoy night view, why don't you spend time at the out door bar? Yes you sometimes look up at Tokyo Tower's illumination!                                     (Sae)


Tokyo Tower's illumination:June1(Mon.) -August 31(Mon.) 17:00-23:00
You can go up the stairs of Tokyo Tower: June1-August 31
weekday 17:00-22:00/Sat.,Sun.&National holiday 11:00-22:00
Admission fee to 1st floor of observatory by elevator:
Adult 900JPY/Elementary school & Junior high school student 500JPY/Children 4 and over 400JPY/Admission is free for children 3 and under
Admission fee to 1st floor of observatory by stairs:
Adult 500JPY/Elementary school & Junior high school student 300JPY/Children 4 and over 200JPY

Bar "Tokyo Tower Highball Garden":until September 27(Sun.)
weekday 16:00-22:30/Sat.,Sun.&National holiday 13:00-22:30
For information & reservation:080-9271-5533 (16:00-21:30)